Debt Counseling Mississauga

If you need guidance on dealing with debt, declaring bankruptcy or filing a consumer proposal, we can explain you the consequences as well as advantages of doing either one.

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  Debt Consolidation Mississauga

Are you not getting approved for financing? We have all the right tools to give you the answers you need! Not only that, but we will also help you correct and improve your credit history and score.

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Need Credit Re-Establishing?

It’s important to re-establish your credit history & score in order to qualify for credit after bankruptcy/consumer proposal. Doing it under our supervision ensures you are maximizing your results.

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Debt Counseling Mississauga-Why Choose Us?


Ask An Expert
“Konstantin of RECI was very meticulous & helpful throughout the whole process. Step-by-step from organizing all the appropriate documentation, setting up appointments, to accompanying me between different professionals. He made sure I was worry free and comfortable. The level of service he provided me with was for sure exceptional. I would definitely recommend RECI to anyone in a similar situation. I’ve learn a lot. Thank you Konstantin and the RECI team!”
“After my bankruptcy I was convinced banks would forever look at me differently. With RECI’s help I was able to re-establish my credit score and qualify for a much better rate on my home refinance. Future is looking bright!”