Our Guiding Principles

At RECI, we specialize in helping our clients improve their financial well-being by resolving their current/ongoing financial crises, and re-establishing their credit history and credit score. We do this through effective debt consolidation and credit coaching in Mississauga. We work with you to organize long-term customized financial plans that help you better resolve your issue with ease. Are you having trouble being approved for financing? Our credit coaching services are designed to help you make the necessary adjustments to improve your credit score and get you back on track with positive credit.

The People We Help

If you are new to Canada we can help you to learn how to establish and maintain good credit. We will assist you with solutions to your insufficient credit history.
Your credit can also be damaged if you have gone through bankruptcy, making it more difficult to finance your home or car. Our services can help you to clean up your record, enabling you to finance larger purchases.
If you are currently in debt, our debt consolidation services and repayment plans can help you to settle and get back to being debt-free. You can be confident that your debt will be short-lived with RECI on your side.

What Sets us Apart

The difference when working with RECI, is that we have established personal relationships with brokers, lenders and financial institutions. We have the network to arrange solutions that would be unattainable at any other agency.
Don’t be fooled by our competition. They claim to offer “credit repair” or “credit fixes”, despite the fact that these are incorrect terms that are generally frowned upon by credit bureau agencies. At RECI, we are proud to use honest and transparent tactics and strategies to help you with your financial situation. You can trust us to serve you professionally without any unexpected surprises.

RECI is here to help when it comes to your financial situation, whether it is bad credit, debt problems or any other financial misfortune.