Terry hasn’t been able to obtain a credit card or car loan for quite some time. He is employed & making reasonable income, but is still turned down by every creditor.

While analyzing Terry’s credit bureau report, we found his score- 511 points, a number of collection accounts and a judgment still outstanding. We were able to settle his accounts at a percentage of their respective balances. We also assisted Terry in obtaining both a car lease (a brand new vehicle at 12%,) as well as a credit card, to begin his credit rehabilitation. In just 30 days of RECI working on Terry’s file, his credit bureau score was 550 points. In 9 months, the score was well over 640 points!

Lilly & Jake were discharged from a consumer proposal 2.5 years ago. However, their credit scores were sitting in mid 500′s when they first came to RECI.

Reviewing both credit profiles, we couldn’t help but notice numerous errors in the current records, Furthermore, the proposal itself was still showing a balance outstanding. We were able to acquire the appropriate documents and advise the credit bureaus accordingly. Both clients’ files have seen a significant point increase in less than 45 days. Nine months later both files read over 650 points!

Phillip’s 1st mortgage was due for a renewal at the end of a 5-year term. However, no bank was interested in his business as Phillip was still in the middle of a consumer proposal.

RECI assisted in arranging an early consumer proposal payout via a 2nd mortgage to obtain an absolute discharge. Once discharged, we assisted Phillip re-establishing his credit and obtaining a 1st mortgage through one of our broker partners. After 24 months of following the RECI program, Phillip was able to re-establish his credit as per CMHC (Canada’s Mortgage & Housing Corporation) guidelines and was able to qualify for the best bank rates again.

The Renners were a couple who were recently discharged from a consumer proposal. They hoped this would be the end of their financial complications. Unfortunately, they were left in a situation where they were unable to borrow any credit.

A trustee referred the Renners to us and we successfully updated their credit bureau reports to reflect their recent discharge. This included amended errors that were limiting their credit score improvement. We also obtained two new pieces of credit each, so they could both begin re-establishing as per CMHC guidelines for a home purchase in the near future.

Mr. Giddens had a mortgage closing in just 3 days! He also happened to owe over $5,000 in collections debt, which had to be paid before the mortgage could close.

RECI successfully arranged settlement for less than half of outstanding balances, saving Mr. Giddens over $3,000, and allowing his mortgage to close- on time!

Jenny was in the process of refinaning her mortgage when she found out about a registered judgement against her from a contractor who finished her basement a few years ago. As a result, Jenny’s credit score went as low as 470, which made it very difficult to secure any borrowing.

RECI was able to settle the judgement for as low as 55% of the outstanding balance & assisted Jenny in cleaning up her credit bureau records and re-establishing her credit score.

Michael came to his broker looking for a Second Mortgage to renovate his house before putting it for sale. However, his broker had to turn the deal down due to the lack of sufficient equity.

RECI was able to get a Renovation Loan arranged at 7.99% (cheaper than Second Mortgage rates by 2-5%) amortized over 10 years, completely open for payout at anytime, and in the amount of $20,000

Our Client, Ms. Greene- a nurse and single mother, had over $40,000 in debt spread over 10 delinquent accounts. On her fixed income, there was no way out in sight.

RECI was able to successfully negotiate her balances down by 50%, saving her over $20,000! Upon payouts, RECI also cleaned up Ms. Greene’s credit bureau records and assisted in obtaining her unsecured lines as part of the RECI program. Now, Ms. Greene is well on her way to credit re-establishment.

“Konstantin of RECI was very meticulous & helpful throughout the whole process. Step-by-step from organizing all the appropriate documentation, setting up appointments, to accompanying me between different professionals. He made sure I was worry free and comfortable. The level of service he provided me with was for sure exceptional. I would definitely recommend RECI to anyone in a similar situation. I’ve learn a lot. Thank you Konstantin and the RECI team!”
“After my bankruptcy I was convinced banks would forever look at me differently. With RECI’s help I was able to re-establish my credit score and qualify for a much better rate on my home refinance. Future is looking bright!”